Why Hiring Part-Time BDR for Lead Generation is a Good Idea

February 22, 2021

The role a business development representative plays within a company is critical to its overall success and most specifically to lead generation.

With a BDR being the initial point of contact for potential clients, it is critical to have a seasoned and experienced business development professional to fill the role. Having a BDR on your team that knows the importance of strategic lead generation is key to converting meetings into deals and in turn, revenue.

Why hire a part-time BDR?

Small to mid-sized companies often don’t have the resources or financial capacity to support a full-time business development manager or representative. This is where part-time, fractional professionals come into play. Hiring on a seasoned BDR to handle your business’s lead generation takes the responsibility off other employee’s plates and puts it in the hands of an expert in the field.

It is important that lead generation is data driven and done strategically in order to produce the most suitable prospects for your company. Doing so, will ensure that appointments are not just scheduled, but that the percentage of deals being closed from these appointments is high. With a part-time BDR, these services will be provided, but for the fraction of the cost of a full-time business development employee.

What can a part-time BDR do for my company?

Our fractional BDR’s reach out to potential clients over several platforms such as LinkedIn, email and phone calls to generate interest. They have the potential to contact up to 500 people in a matter of 8-10 hours.

Imagine what that could look like to your bottom line. A part-time BDR can reach up to 2,000 people a month on a regular cadence for a fractional of what it would cost for a full-time position. The option of a fractional BDR solves the problem most companies have with budget restrictions.

These professionals are on hand to help you in whatever capacity your company needs. Whether it is project or hourly based, a part-time BDR will provide you with the required support on your terms. This process makes managing tight budgets easier and takes the stress of commitment off the table.

Lead Generation

Getting your foot in the door is often the most time consuming and difficult part of making a busines deal.

The responsibility of a BDR is to get a decision makers attention. These decision makers are normally people who have significant responsibility within the company -- meaning, they are normally the busiest. That is why this portion of the process demands strategy, tactical timing and deliberate approach with elevated contact rates.

Hiring part-time allows your company the ability to take advantage of a BDR’s strategic planning and execution, without the hefty price tag of a full-time employee. Project based assignments are common in lead generation, as they set out with a specific goal and target that needs to be reached.

Fractional BDR professionals are the right fit for a company looking to obtain qualified and suitable prospects that are interested in doing business and closing deals, while still staying on budget with less commitment than a full-time business development representative.

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