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Curious about our services, how it works, technical questions, or something else? We've compiled a directory of our most frequently asked questions to provide you the answers you need to make informed busienss decisions.

Commonly asked questions

Is there a minimum commitment?

A minimum commitment of 3 months is compulsory, however, after the initial 90 days, all agreements proceed with a 30-day auto-renewal and 30-day out-clause.

How does your billing work?
  • We bill per hour on a monthly basis. The hours are set and agreed upon before a Sales Program is started, and those hours will be fulfilled each month.
  • They can be increase or reallocated based on varying requests from the client. This is the benefit of our flexible, a-la-carte services.

We have created a metric system that calculates how many hours should be dedicated to a specific Sales Program based on the services they are interested in. This is how we calculate the amount of monthly hours and cost prior to the launch of a sales program.

Do you provide LinkedIn programs?
  • Yes, our team is trained and equipped with the know-how and experience to execute LinkedIn programs.
  • This service can be added to a Sales Program in addition to email and/or calling outreach. 
How does the email and calling deployment work?
  • All email deployment is done manually. We do not use any automation. This is to avoid:
    • High levels of emails going to spam
    • Negatively affecting your current email domain
    • Having emails that look templated
    • To communicate in a more humanized, authentic way 
What type of technical set up is needed for a sales program?

In order to deploy emails that are white labelled under a client’s organization, multiple email accounts must be created under the client’s domain.

How do you tell a company's story?
  • We have a seasoned copywriter on our team that creates various sequences for email, calling and LinkedIn.
  • These sequences will target any specific audiences we are targeting
  • We pull align all messaging with the client’s brand.

All messaging is reviewed and approved by the client before it is actioned on. We encourage collaboration and feedback.

Who handles the part-time BDS sales programs?
  • You will have access to our Research Team, Copywriting Specialist, your dedicated Senior Account Manager and our Directors of Client Success during the onboarding phase and throughout your sales program.
  • Our team has many years of experience in sales and other diverse industries and professions.
  • Your Senior Account Manager sells for other clients in a similar area to yours.
Donna Gliha
President, Chief Sales Officer
Alyssa Huizenga
Director of Client Success

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