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Unless business development is your area of expertise and your exclusive focus, it’s easy to see it is a necessary distraction from getting business done. Few small to medium organizations are able to apply the rigour required to develop new business efficiently and effectively. The Sales Group does both.

We map each client’s strengths to an audience that wants to hear about it using a rich array of data and analytics to determine viable prospects. We then market to that audience with targeted messaging through manual email deployment, experienced callers, and direct LinkedIn outreach at sustained intervals, generating real leads that build real business.

A proven way to ramp up growth

At The Sales Group, we’ve developed a Revenue Acquisition Management Process (RAMP) and proven over and over again that it works! It does not involve endless “cold calling,” constant meetings, or even long hours. RAMP is built on a keen understanding of who might benefit from what you have to offer, and then leveraging technology to ensure that when potential users realize what they need, your solution is top of mind.

A data-driven approach to successful selling

The Sales Group provides a wide range of services, among them, competitively priced access to data revealing market triggers that can provide you with timely information regarding who is looking for your services and what they are looking for. Compiled by region and by industry, this data reveals which companies are growing, which companies are receiving funding, and which companies are experiencing executive level changes, all of which can help you identify active, new prospects.
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Director, Business Development

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