Why Hiring a Part-Time Sales Leader is Right for your Business

March 15, 2021

Part-time sales professionals are often confused with freelancers when companies think about hiring sales leaders. Many people erroneously believe that the only function of a part-time or Fractional sales professional is to perform short tasks or sales training tasks for a company on a short-term or contract basis. However, part-time sales professionals are trained to multi-task and can excel in many areas of sales, including cold calling, generating leads, closing deals, and working with a variety of clients and niches. Here are the top five benefits of hiring a part-time sales leader:

Sales growth on your terms

Fractional sales support provides a great way to experience sales growth without having to commit to long-term sales growth plans. The advantages of hiring a part-time sales leader are numerous, including the ability to work according to your own schedule, set your own rates, and take advantage of the benefits of leveraging your existing sales team. When you work with a part-time sales professional, you can also get the added benefit of having seasoned veterans with experience in dealing with the challenges of part-time sales employment.

Experiment with different opportunities, without the long-term commitment 

Part-time sales support is an excellent fit for a business that wants to explore multiple revenue opportunities but is limited by their time or the number of hours in a day that they have available to commit to their sales responsibilities. This type of sales support allows a business owner to experiment with new products, test market different marketing approaches, and do other activities such as promoting events without being committed to long-term sales goals. When you include a variety of these talents in your overall sales strategy by hiring part-time sales professionals, your business can experience many positive growth factors.

Sales experience from a variety of different backgrounds

The key advantage to hiring a part-time sales professional is that you can get access to a wide range of sales experience. In addition, by working with a part-time sales professional you can gain the perspective of a seasoned sales professional who can help to guide you through the process of finding the right part-time sales job. A part-time sales professional can also help you define the type of position that is right for your business and your sales pipeline.

Eliminates the burden of full-time financial commitments 

Many small businesses begin to experience a shortage of sales professionals as a result of a difficult economy. Hiring a part-time sales professional can be the ideal solution. Part-time sales professionals are a great way to gain access to experienced sales professionals at the fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Instead of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in your new hires you can save money by allowing your part-time sales professional to go through the hiring process until your business is established and your sales professionals are ready for top priority. 

Allow your full-time team to refocus on essential tasks 

By hiring a part-time sales professional, you will find that your business has a greater opportunity to explore new sales opportunities because your sales leader is free to pursue the leads that are generated by the sales process. Your sales team can then focus on closing the deals that they were not responsible for while the sales professional is free to take on new prospects. This will allow your sales team to develop a stronger relationship with each client. This will ultimately increase the overall effectiveness of your business. Hiring a part-time sales professional can make a great deal of sense when it comes to growing your business.

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Donna Gliha, Chief Sales Officer / President

A proud nominee of the 29th Annual  RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

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