What’s Holding You Back?

December 14, 2020

Business growth can be simultaneously exciting, and a little frightening, particularly for small or medium sized enterprises.  Do you have the support needed to sustain growth? Do you have the right people, or even enough people, in the right places? Whatever position you find your company in, high level executives come with a hefty price tag – when hired full time. Smaller businesses just don’t have the budget to create these positions, so how do you overcome these hurdles?

Fractional Executives just might be the solution your organization needs. These are highly skilled, executive level professionals, who are looking to work with growth-stage businesses, start-ups, or companies with a specific problem their expertise can solve, and they work on a consultant basis.

What does that mean for you? It means having access to the high-level talent your organization needs at a fraction of the cost. Every successful businessperson knows you can’t win alone, but sometimes a full-time team of experts isn’t the appropriate answer to a company’s needs either. The Sales Group solves this conundrum by providing strategic and tactical talent to help move your company forward. And because these highly skilled professionals work on a consulting basis, what you thought was out of reach is easily attained at a fair investment for the stage your business is in.

So, what’s holding you back? Do you need executive support full-time for a specific project or to solve a particular problem in your organization? Maybe you just need someone for a few hours a week on an ongoing basis and a full-time executive position isn’t sustainable for your business. By hiring a Fractional Executive, you can get the support you need, when you need it without trying to find the budget to support a full staff member. The Sales Group can tailor your Fractional Executive contract to fit your specific needs and match you with a highly skilled professional who can meet (or exceed) those needs without straining your budget.

There are other benefits that come from using Fractional Executives over hiring in house as well. Because companies like The Sales Group have their own roster of professionals to choose from, there’s no lengthy hiring or interview process that pulls you away from your other duties. These consultants have already been vetted, are top in their field, whether it’s HR, sales, marketing, legal, finance or any other area of business, and are ready to get started right away.

Consulting with The Sales Group will not only help you iron out your growth strategy and identify your executive support needs but will also help you identify your strengths and weak points and pair you with the right experts to implement the strategies your business needs to keep you moving forward and position you on the path of success.

Don’t let your pain points or the size of your company hold you back. Contact The Sales Group today and discover what Fractional Executives can do for your business!

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Donna Gliha, Chief Sales Officer / President

A proud nominee of the 29th Annual  RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

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Director, Business Development

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