Virtual Selling is the New Normal

September 15, 2020

Over the past 10 years, digital sales tools and virtual selling have steadily been on the rise and becoming a more central part of sales strategies. But even with the rise of technology and new techniques, the majority of businesses remained traditional in their sales models. The COVID-19 global pandemic changed that in an instant, as businesses across the country were suddenly forced to conduct all business from their homes.

Sales teams once thriving in face-to-face environments are now asked to produce the same results, confined to the walls of their homes and limits of their technology. For many teams, closing deals and responses to prospect outreach greatly decreased--but not because of a lack of trying. Data suggests the business opportunity is there. We’re seeing an increase in website traffic, buyer-initiated conversations, and email open rates. Potential customers are looking to engage, but in a different way than before.

The shift to 100% virtual selling is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Leaders must quickly adapt their strategy to embrace the changes ahead and keep a competitive edge.

Invest in the Right Technology.

First things first, your team needs to be equipped with the right mix of digital tools. This foundation is essential for virtual selling so your team can communicate with each other, with clients, stay organized, record video, and protect data.

There’s a Learning Curve.

Not all sales teams will be tech-ready and might need some extra training as you’re introducing new technology. Be sure you’re over communicating a transition plan with dates and mandatory training sessions when you announce any new tool. 

Shift your Focus to the Prospect Experience

Mastering virtual selling will require you to refocus on your prospect’s experience through the entire sales cycle. Each point of contact should be strategic in both it’s method and it’s message to drive home a deal. This means incorporating the right value to your customers in a timely manner. 

Research is showing that buyers are placing a greater emphasis on accessibility to information. Leverage your digital tools to provide 24/7 access to a contact person to answer questions when needed and multiple avenues for buyers to review service information.

Videos and Virtual Demos Matter

What used to be supplemental supporting material are now the backbone of your sales encounter. Without the charm of being in-person your digital presentation matters. It’s more important than ever to think through how to best make use of the time. You want to show professionalism, position yourself as a thought-leader, and get your points across in a captivating way.

Is your team ready to jump into virtual selling? The Sales Group helps organizations pivot their sales strategy to drive more revenue through lead generating efforts. Let’s start the conversation, contact me at

Happy Selling!

Donna Gliha, Chief Sales Officer / President

A proud nominee of the 29th Annual  RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

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