4 Signs You Must Outsource Your Business Development

October 20, 2021

Many businesses find it challenging to justify the ROI on their sales and marketing efforts. Another struggle that teams encounter, especially in larger organizations, is getting opportunities to speak with decision-makers and upper management. For others, what challenges them is the lack of capacity to complete projects. Here are some signs that you'll benefit from offloading your tasks to third-party experts.

You Struggle to Meet Your Sales Quotas

If your sales team fails to meet its targets, you could face significant struggles in reaching your overall business goals. With outsourced business development consultants, you can meet your targets more easily.

When you let another team handle the pre-engagement phase, your team will have more time to nurture leads and close sales. You also ensure that your in-house sales team meets with qualified prospects serious about purchasing a product or service like the one you are offering.

Your Sales Pipeline Needs More Medium-Term Opportunities

Recent economic shifts have made it challenging for certain types of businesses to fill their pipelines. Gathering prospects isn't just about finding as many new prospects as possible. Your business needs variety in the opportunities it seeks out; with the right business development partner, you can stream leads into the short term, mid-term, and long term.

The best business development companies will have the industry intelligence to engage ideal customers at various points of the sales cycle. They can also carry out the groundwork for building relationships with the right companies or individuals.

You're Struggling to Break into a New Market

Even if you're operating well and achieving sales success with a new audience, an external expert can help you hone in on specific markets. For example, your experts will know which sectors have links you can leverage if you're aiming for market diversification.

A partner can also guide you through the different approaches necessary for different markets. Retail, for instance, requires a different approach than B2B, and you must know the nuances necessary for success in each.

You Cannot Justify Your Sales and Marketing Spend

Sales and marketing directors have one main challenge: proving return on investment. With the right outsourcing partner, middle managers will find it easier to talk to the C-suite about why they must greenlight or keep funding specific projects or marketing efforts.

A good business development company will be transparent, and they'll clearly show what you're spending and how much you're earning. They will also be upfront about their capacities and concentrate on tangible objectives.

When you work with a consultant, you also get real-time updates and a dedicated account manager. They'll always be ready to show you the progress on your project—no second-guessing about what you've achieved so far!

Finally, because you're outsourcing certain portions of the sales funnel, your in-house sales team will be more efficient. You can also review and refine your efforts regularly to give your business the best value.


Outsourcing your business development to experts will help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Whatever challenge you face, outsourcing business development is a cost-effective way to manage your workload and achieve your goals.

At The Sales Group, growth is at the core of all our efforts. We are outsourced business development consultants, providing sales advisory services throughout North America. Contact us today, and let's talk about how far you can grow!

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