Leverage Account-Based Marketing to Drive Sales Success

August 8, 2023
Leverage Account-Based Marketing to Drive Sales Success

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted sales and marketing approach that focuses on engaging high-value accounts with personalized content and messaging. By concentrating your resources on a select group of priority prospects, your organization can achieve higher returns on investment (ROI), strengthen customer relationships, and drive sales success. the Sales Group, a leading sales consultancy […]

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August 2, 2023
Cultivating Resilient Sales Teams with The Sales Group Global's Expertise

Sales teams are the lifeblood of any organization, driving revenue and growth. In challenging times, such as during economic downturns or global crises, sales teams face increased pressure to perform and maintain business momentum. By cultivating resilience, adaptability, and determination, sales teams can rise to the challenge and navigate volatile market conditions successfully. The Sales […]

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June 28, 2023
6 Telltale Signs Your Sales Strategy Needs Improvement

Developing a sales strategy involves various steps, including identifying the goals and objectives of a company, determining the target market, creating a plan to reach the target audience, and measuring results. In short, the sales strategy is a blueprint that outlines the steps that a company must take to achieve its sales goals. For this […]

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Alyssa Huizenga
Director, Business Development

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