Why Email Campaigns Work

June 30, 2020

Understanding why Email campaigns work involves re-educating people as to what a successful campaign looks like. Over 250 billion emails are sent per day, around the globe. That’s a lot of information coursing through our digital networks and a lot of chatter ending up on the receiving end. Making sure that the content is relevant, polished, and professional goes a long way towards developing new leads and sales. Here’s a few examples of what goes into the right kind of campaign.


If you don’t know your customers, they won’t know you, and they certainly won’t care what you’re offering. Digital marketing allows for harnessing particular data sets that identify potential interested leads, and give companies an opportunity to reach out to those people in a way never before possible.

Consider the world of marketing in the pre-Internet age, before social media and SEO became as common as buttered pancakes. In those days, companies needed to spend a small fortune to advertise on densely populated, highly competitive marketing channels including television and newspapers/magazines. The lifting of these major restrictions, and the implementation of free-flowing data in a connected world means there’s to how a company can reach their target audience.


A target audience will only be interested in the right content, and today’s Email campaigns make adjusting that content as simple as changing a few lines of text and some pictures. Companies can identify a primary target audience, and adjust (if necessary) for the particulars within that audience who may be interested in slightly different things.

Alternatively, the pushing of primary content, and the inclusion of secondary content may open the doors for a target audience to learn more about products and services they never knew they were interested in. The effect is twofold. No longer do companies have to worry about pushing one message. Now they can push several at the same time, without pressuring their customers.


While some view Email marketing as a negative, no one can deny that the medium is one of the least abrasive forms of marketing ever conceived. The reason for this is choice. Your customers are in full control of what they read, when they read it, and whether they want to keep reading it. With the click of a button, your customers can Unsubscribe from your mailing lists at any time, or choose to keep your company in their good graces by making you a headliner in their inbox.

There will always be a percentage of customers who will Unsubscribe from your company’s Emails at some point, and this is normal. The trick to mitigating this lies in the content you’re posting. If it’s to their liking, and relevant to their interests, you can not only maintain your standing with your customers, but build a valuable rapport with them, at the same time.


Email campaigns rely on little more than a great content writer, and a great graphic designer to achieve success. The amount of investment required in setting up Email campaigns is minimal, and can be done from the comfort of one’s own home, if desired. This is a far cry from the red tape that used to plague a company’s marketing department in the pre-internet age, to say nothing of the immense planning, strategy and competition involved.

These days, your company can quickly skim over competition and react accordingly, without having to go to drastic lengths. Some companies who have achieved great success with Email marketing campaigns have thrown some money back into the marketing budget, and gone the extra mile for their customers by adding links to fun, informative videos, or pushing flash sales designed to excite interest. There are no hard rules, which is part of the fun!


Email marketing campaigns aren’t slowing down. In fact, they’re speeding up. Multiple factors contribute to this, not the least of which is the rise in Email users. In 2019, that number jumped to 3.9 billion people, which is now more than half the globe.

Consider the ramifications of this. Never before have companies had access to such a large and immediate customer base, and the rise in digital transactions and international shipping means a wealth of opportunities that simply didn’t exist in the old days. A company’s Email marketing campaign is limited only by its content. By sticking to the right guidelines, your company can emerge as a heavy hitter that is able to build a rapport with its target audience, and help drive new sales.

The Email marketing landscape continues to evolve for the better, and that’s a good thing. ISPs have prioritized the weeding out of junk mail from Email servers over the last few years, and many Email providers such as Google, Outlook and Yahoo have begun implementing spam filters to auto-sort garbage Emails out of inboxes. By sticking to appropriate guidelines and providing polished, professional content that plays by the rules, your company can take advantage of this highly effective, very affordable marketing conduit, and grow your business accordingly.

For more information on how to set up and run the perfect Email marketing campaign, we invite you to get in touch with us, today!

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