When to Know If You Need an Outsourced Sales Team

August 18, 2021

If you work in sales, you have undoubtedly considered outsourcing part of your sales efforts at some point. After all, it's appealing to be able to expand your team without the long-term commitment of increasing employee numbers, wages, and benefits. However, you may have been hesitant to sign on the dotted line with an outsourced sales team due to cost, training, or time constraints.

If you see any of these indications stated below, it may be time to seriously consider hiring an outsourced sales team to supplement your company's efforts.

You're Itching for the Challenge of Conquering a New Market

Prior to growing your company's reach and conquering a greater share of the market, you must ensure that you have a good workforce on the ground. If you're ready to extend your sales activities to a new city, state, or nation, relocating your employees may be expensive and time-consuming. It may be much more difficult if you opt to create a new team from the bottom up since you will lose the advantage of institutional and cultural expertise required to start in a new sector.

You've Been Told to Cut the Budget but Increase Productivity

When you have less time but more to do, you have to produce more with what you have. It is a succinct statement, but it's not always simple to put into practice when you're the one accountable for the "do more" outcomes. In an ideal world, you would accomplish more by directing more resources toward your sales targets. You'd hire people, put them on the phones, go door-to-door, and spend money to earn money. Hiring new employees, bringing them up to speed, keeping them, and training them is costly.

Outsourced sales teams offer you more flexibility at lower cost. Consider the cost of hiring a new salesperson, including wages, retention, and training. Chances are that you can hire multiple outsourced salespeople for the same price! Since increased sales productivity is only possible by increasing the number of salespeople on your team, it may be the right move.

All of the various jobs you may need to recruit for are covered with an outsourced sales force, such as representatives who can conduct outbound calls, chat services, training, and quality assurance. The efficiency gained by outsourcing all of those services in one handy bundle is difficult to match.

You're Spending All Your Time Recruiting

When you manage a sales team, you spend much time evaluating resumes, conducting interviews, and looking for competent people. Sales teams often have high turnover rates—some as high as 20% per year. Because salespeople are usually enthusiastic, motivated individuals, they frequently hop around.

The typical period for training a new salesperson is nine months, which implies a month away from you and your current team while a new employee becomes thoroughly educated on your procedures and objectives. If they depart, the process begins all over again.

Working with an outsourced sales staff relieves you of the continuous administration of the recruitment process. Instead, your outsourced team leaders ensure that your team is always fully staffed so that you can be sure confident have a complete roster of sales experts generating results.

You Want to Give Your Team Room to Grow

Prospecting is the most complex and challenging of sales representatives' employment. If your team is continually bogged down in the prospecting process, they will be unable to grow, develop, or lead in other areas in the future. Give up what they don't want to create space for what they do want. If your in-house staff does not like prospecting but excels in client presentations or other sales responsibilities, take advantage of the chance to put them where they can flourish. Your outsourced sales team members may make the first contacts and manage the time-consuming prospecting process, giving your team members more time to succeed in the areas that are most fascinating to them.

Final Thoughts

Investing in an outsourced sales team may provide you with the tools and firepower you need to keep your sales efforts moving ahead without putting you or your team under stress.

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