The Benefits & ROI Of Great Email Marketing

June 8, 2020

Fear not! Understanding the concept of Email marketing requires only the briefest of explanations, which we’ll talk about today. From there, you’ll have enough knowledge to utilize it for the benefit of your company, and strike proverbial gold with the right ROI! 


This is the Holy Grail of Email marketing, primarily because it allows companies to custom-tailor content based on a variety of personalized factors, including key customer demographics and geolocation.  It also allows companies to prioritize certain kinds of content for an existing customer base. Think new customers, versus existing ones.  In this instance, the dynamic of your company remains the same, but the message you’re sending to these two customer brackets is quite different.

The personal touch is integral when it comes to achieving success in the digital marketing sphere. By sending out content that is tuned to your customer’s interests, you’re effectively giving them what they want, on a routine basis.  You can even add a personal touch to it by sending out Email content that references the first name of each of your customers, which has been shown to yield a higher clickthrough rate.  This is a linchpin when it comes to remaining competitive and successful in the digital marketing space.


Remember that the key word in Email marketing is “Email.”  It might seem obvious, but many companies underestimate the value of communicating to their customer base through this delivery method.  Email is a staple of our lives, and we’re constantly checking it, every single day.  This virtual pipeline allows companies to talk with their customers on a routine basis.  These days, many people access their Email accounts through multiple devices at any given time, from their desktop work computer, to their smartphone.  Your message is never more than a mouse click (or a finger-swipe) away.

With such a bountiful delivery method comes balance, however.  Bombarding your customers with irrelevant content can quickly turn your company into a pest, so be sure you’re sticking to subject matter that your customers will be interested in, and avoid unnecessary fluff.  Also, pay strict attention to Email subscription laws, and be sure to include Unsubscribe links for your customers which will allow them to deliver feedback, change their delivery schedule, or opt out completely.


A company lives and dies by its website, and that means driving traffic towards it, in order to generate sales, create brand awareness, and reach a wider target audience.  Email marketing is highly effective at pushing traffic to your site, mainly because most of your content is already there. Creating temporary pages or subdomains allows you to send targeted Emails to your clients so they can take advantage of special sales offers or incentives, or check out new products.  Every click is a visit to your site, which helps improve its SEO search rankings.

Email marketing is also a great way to push your social media channels, as well.  Many Email campaigns include multiple pieces of content for people to check out, and leveraging various social media platforms means you’re reaching your audience more effectively, and setting up the chance that your content will be shared with others.  Social media is a great way to extend the reach of your company’s reputation, and Email marketing can give your campaign the extra boost it needs.


A 2020 Litmus report on Email marketing revealed that a whopping 78% of marketers saw an increase in Email engagement in 2019, while almost 60% say Email is their largest source of ROI, with numbers as high as 760% in revenue increases. This is astonishingly good news for any company looking to bust into the Email marketing sphere.  The audience is already there, just waiting to hear what your company has to offer.

The above points are still in play, however.  Success is not based on the medium alone, but the quality of your content.  Today’s web-savvy customers can smell disingenuous campaigns from miles out, and only those companies operating honestly and personably will form a successful bond.  Text-based mediums can be extremely effective at communicating your company’s desired message, but they leave little elbow room when it comes to tone.  Make sure your customers can sense that you’re the real deal.


Pound for pound, Email marketing is one of the cheapest, yet most effective ways to strike gold in a market teeming with opportunity.  A good Email campaign can be constructed in as little as one day, drastically reducing the amount of time and money that would normally be spent on more exorbitant methods, such as video or photo shoots.  Having a graphic artist and a great writer on your team are key components to a good Email marketing strategy, so make sure you’re well stocked up. Alternatively, if you’re a good writer, but you lack graphics skills, there are plenty of royalty-free image sources distributed across the internet for you to utilize in your projects.

Whatever the case, Email marketing requires very little investment in relation to the potentially huge ROI yields that a company can achieve.  All you need to do is cross off the right checkmarks to be sure your content is up to par, and the rest will take care of itself.  From there, you can sit back and study the analytics to see how your campaigns are faring, and adjust your strategy accordingly.


The world of Email marketing is far from scary.  On the contrary, it can be one of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of your digital marketing strategy!  The opportunity to bond with your customers and grow your relationships should make any business owner enthusiastic.  Think back to how it must have been in the days before Email marketing was even a concept, and realize how fortunate you are to leverage this most powerful and effective marketing tool!  The future looks bright for Email marketing, so jump on board now, and start reaping the rewards!

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