Why Sales Teams Need Consumer Market Research

December 28, 2021

A few crucial elements distinguish effective corporate operations. One is people: data administrators, content producers, sales agents, and coaches must be well-trained. Along with quality, the team is market research. Why do consumer research? It provides crucial data for long-term progress.

The best development team is useless without the correct data. Consumer market research provides data to construct a database, target prospects, and advance the sales funnel. According to Hinge Marketing, market research organizations get double the profit and 15 times the growth. 

Consumer market research is the process of identifying consumer interests, preferences, and habits. By understanding these, a business can target the right leads, deliver the right message, and build a better relationship with each consumer.

Why is Consumer Market Research so Important?

While there are several reasons why consumer market research is so essential, a few, in particular, resonate most often with sales teams.

1. Gain a Critical Advantage

Business is competitive. The sales world is competitive. If a company wants to gain a critical advantage over their competitors, they have to have a competitive edge. One way to have an advantage is to understand their consumer better than anyone else.

By gathering consumer preferences, industry-specific data, and other types of research, a business can find the right message, target the right leads, and constantly get ahead of the competition. With this edge, they can grow their business faster, increase revenue, and gain momentum.

2. Get Insight into Consumer Behavior

Gaining consumer insight is a significant benefit of consumer market research. Gaining consumer insight is often considered a top business benefit because it provides detailed consumer behavior and habits. This can design marketing campaigns, sales presentations, and product development.

The best way to gain insight into consumer behavior is by monitoring social media platforms and public information. This can be used to discover a company’s reputation, quantify brand awareness, or learn about shared content.

3. Understand Preferences

Every company has a niche, and typically that niche is built on offering a product or service that no one else can. Understanding consumer preferences is the best way to differentiate your business from the competition.

Knowing consumer preferences leads to understanding what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, it identifies why the consumer prefers the way they do. This insight can be used to make changes to the business, marketing, and sales copy to appeal to more people.

4. Build a Sales Pipeline

Building a sales pipeline is the cornerstone of business growth. There is no steady flow of leads and no development without a sales pipeline. To make a sales pipeline, a company needs a steady flow of leads; the best way to get leads is to market research.

Gathering consumer preferences, finding out what works and doesn’t, and understanding what consumers need and want can lead to a steady flow of leads. This is the best way to build a sales pipeline, leading to higher sales and more revenue for a business.

5. Improve Communication

Many businesses spend millions of dollars on advertising without seeing an increase in sales. This happens even though thousands of people see and hear the ads. The key is that the right people are not hearing them.

Gathering consumer preferences, feedback, and insights is the first step to better communication. With this information, it is easier to optimize current ads and sharpen overall marketing and sales messaging. It is easier to build a relationship with a potential customer and create a rapport that leads to a sale with the right words.


Consumer market research is an essential tool for companies of all sizes. Whether used to refine brand messaging, generate leads, or develop strategies, it is pivotal to gain a competitive advantage and grow a business. Get your team maximizing consumer market research to boost your business.

However, unless you specialize in business development, it is obvious that it is an unavoidable distraction from getting business done. Few small-to-medium-sized businesses can apply the precision necessary to grow their leads and sales properly.

We do both. The Sales Group is among the best business development companies offering solutions that accelerate growth while providing a significantly higher ROI. Talk to our outsourced business development consultants today!

Donna Gliha, Chief Sales Officer / President

A proud nominee of the 29th Annual  RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

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