3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Fractional Sales Leader

December 22, 2021

Wanting to do everything on your own is a pitfall that most business owners face. Although it’s admirable to wish to take part in your company’s day-to-day sales operations, spreading yourself too thin between being a CEO and a sales leader is not a sustainable move.

Do you need to find someone to fill the shoes of a great sales head, but your finances cannot handle the cost of hiring a full-time employee yet? Then a fractional sales leader is the one you need.

What is fractional employment, and how can a fractionally hired sales leader benefit your business? Keep reading to find out more about it.

What Is a Fractional Employment Model?

Fractional employment is the process of hiring an employee for a fraction of the time a regular employee would work. Although it is unclear where or who started the fractional employment model, it has hit its stride today.

Fractional employees may work part-time for one business, but they are not considered part-time workers. Part-time workers are interim employees who work in a contract labor capacity.

Fractional employees can also be likened to freelancers. Both employee types can offer their services simultaneously to different businesses. However, freelancers are project-based workers, unlike fractional workers.

Benefits of Hiring a Fractional Sales Leader

Businesses of any size can benefit from a sales leader hired at a fractional capacity. These advantages include having a fresh perspective, new strategies and techniques, and a faster return on investment.

Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, the solution for a problem is right in front of you, but you can’t see it because you’re not considering other angles. It happens when you are too close to it and have been working on it for far too long. 

Moreover, inadequacies and inefficiencies in your current sales process may be hurting your company. With a fractional leader, they can bring an outside perspective with them. That is why you can identify and address weaknesses in your sales strategies and processes.

New Strategies and Techniques

Aside from providing a much-needed fresh perspective, newly employed fractional leaders also offer new strategies that you or your team may not have thought of yet.

Additionally, these sales leaders often have more experience in the field than most applicants. As fractional employees, they can work with multiple companies at the same time. It means they are exposed more to different sales techniques in the field where they can use all the experience they have to help you reach your business goals.

Faster Return on Investments

Fractionally hired sales leader compensations are about 20 to 30 percent more affordable than conventionally hired ones. As these sales leaders help your business generate more income, their presence proves to be a better investment that provides faster ROI compared to full-time employees.

Furthermore, fractionally hired leaders usually have a support team with them. That means, in essence, that you also have access to the services of their support team without extra cost.


Having a sales leader in your employee roster is essential. They devise strategies and tactics to improve your company’s bottom line while empowering the rest of the sales team to succeed.

When you desperately need a sales lead, but your budget can’t handle hiring a full-time employee, a fractional sales lead is the ideal solution to your problem. Not only are their rates more affordable, but they bring fresh perspectives, new strategies and techniques, and a support team that can benefit your business in some capacity too.

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Donna Gliha, Chief Sales Officer / President

A proud nominee of the 29th Annual  RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

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