Choosing Permanent Placement Over Temp-To-Hire: A Guide

March 1, 2023

When hiring employees, many businesses choose to take a permanent placement approach. Although this has many advantages, it’s essential to research and asks the right questions before committing to permanent placement.

Difference between a Temp-to-Hire and Permanent Placement

Temp-to-hire and permanent placement are two different ways employers fill job roles. Temp-to-hire involves hiring a contractor for a set amount of time and then hiring them permanently if their performance is satisfactory. At the same time, a permanent placement means hiring an employee directly with no probationary period. Temp-to-hire allows employers to evaluate performance before committing, while permanent placement gives employers certainty at an earlier stage.

Why Should You Choose Permanent Placement Over Temp-to-Hire When Hiring?

Permanent placement is the best option for long-term hiring needs, as it allows you to be sure of the skills and qualifications of your chosen candidate and create an employment agreement. It also helps you save time and money in the long run, as you don't have to go through the hassle of onboarding and training a temp-to-hire employee.

To help you make sure you’ve chosen the right candidate, here are five questions you should ask before committing to a permanent placement.

1. What Type of Qualities is the Candidate Looking for?

When considering potential employees, it's important to understand what they seek in a role. Find out if they are seeking stability, security, or an opportunity for self-expression before deciding whether a permanent or contract role is best for them.

2. What Kind of Support Does the Candidate Require?

Successful placements often require strong professional development support. Ask the candidate what support they need before, during, and after their new roles, such as mentoring, training, or flexible working hours, to increase their likelihood of staying in the position.

3. What Are the Candidate’s Previous Professional Experiences?

Asking candidates about their experiences is a great way to assess their knowledge of your industry and determine their expertise level. It's important to consider that the best candidates may have different skills or experience than expected. Knowing their experiences can provide insight into their capabilities and how they can benefit your business.

4. What Is the Candidate’s Availability?

Understanding a potential employee’s availability can make a big difference regarding permanent placement. Some applicants are only able to work on a part-time basis, while others may be looking for full-time roles. It’s important to discuss the candidate’s availability in advance, so you can further assess the commitment level of potential permanent placement.

5. What Are the Employee’s Goals?

Although permanent placements can offer career stability, it’s important to understand the candidate’s long-term goals before deciding. Many candidates may be looking to build their skills and advance in their careers, so try to assess if the role you’re offering fits them. This can help you find the right candidate and ensure that your business is setting itself up for long-term success.


These are just some questions you should ask before committing to permanent placement. Do your research, ask the right questions, and choose the candidates with the most to offer your business. Permanent placements can significantly increase productivity and improve overall quality, but ensuring you make the right choice from the start is important.

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