Is Your Outsourced Sales Campaign Failing? Here’s Why.

February 23, 2022

 There are multiple development solutions out there: inside sales, sales as a service, outsourced sales. However, you're currently at a point when nothing seems to be working out for you. There are a number of factors that can lead to this. It's important to keep in mind that only some of them are within your control.

Others are more in the hands of your sales partner because, simply put, that's their responsibility. So the most basic solution to the problem is to find the ideal combination of tactics and the best partner for your team.

In this blog, we're going to explore what it is that's leading your outsourced sales campaign to fail:

Your Outsourced Sales Campaign Is Failing Because of Poor Cadence and Messaging

Sending a generic message over and over again does not build a relationship. Only calling three times in one week when you've never spoken before builds that kind of relationship. The kind of relationship that leads to calls on future projects. 

It's important to have integrity in the overall outreach effort, including a dedicated strategy.

Your Outsourced Sales Campaign Is Failing Because You Don't Have A Strategy

Cold calling is a thing of the past and should be left there; these days, it's very ineffective. It's a sales-y tactic with no real purpose. A good strategy to employ is taking on tactic groups proven to get the job done.

The purpose could be to talk to a client who happens to live in a certain city, or someone who is going to an upcoming tradeshow, or to offer assistance with an existing product, or another logical reason why you would be reaching out to that person.

Your Outsourced Sales Campaign Is Failing Because Your Data Is Bad

When data is bad, a lot of resources (money and time) will end up wasted. E-mails sent to addresses that just bounce back and/or calling disconnected numbers will be rather wasteful. A good rule of thumb is to conduct an audience analysis alongside a database audit.

Audience analysis in particular involves buyer profiles being created so that elements can be identified, like ideal target regions and job titles to reach out to. This comes in handy for the overall data audit.

Your Outsourced Sales Campaign Is Failing Because Your Technology Is Not Good

Executives must integrate their customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and website so that their business development team has a complete understanding of who is interacting with the company’s website. With this information in hand, they can reach out to prospects who are interacting with content on the company’s website. 

Prospective customers are more likely to take a phone call if they have seen content on the company’s website. The only way to know whether the company’s website is working is to have marketing automation in place; without it, executives have no way of knowing if content is impacting their prospects.


Sometimes, outsourced sales campaigns can still end up failing. Ideally, there has to be the best tactics at hand combined with an ideal partner. If an outsourced sales campaign is failing, data is bad, technology is not good and there's no strategy at hand.

Does your outsourced sales campaign need help? Reach out to the Sales Group today! We’re a professional sales consultancy and outsourcing firm helping organizations throughout North America with sales advisory services. 

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