How a Fractional CMO Can Help Your Company Grow

December 11, 2020

As the leader of a small business, it’s likely you’ve experienced a good amount of success. For your company that probably includes a strong sales foundation, back office, and daily operations. But what happens when you reach a plateau? What once always worked for your company to get started may fail to deliver the results you’re after to grow. At a certain point, your current customers aren’t going to be what takes your business to the next level. You’ll also need to reach a target audience of people who don’t know you, or you won’t be able to compete.

It’s time to take a look at your marketing strategy.

What do your current marketing efforts look like? Rather than trying out marketing tactics at random and seeing what sticks, do you have a strategy or a specific plan of action to follow? Are you tracking and analyzing metrics? If the answer is no to any of these, it may be time to consider hiring someone fully dedicated to marketing.

But, a full-time CMO is expensive.

If you’re looking to hire someone with the experience needed to plan and manage your company’s marketing efforts it’s going to be an investment, but hopefully, one that pays off. Companies typically make a mistake here by either pawning off marketing responsibilities to other roles within the organization, or they hire someone at entry-level salary hoping it will be “enough.”

Is there a way to accomplish your marketing goals without a full-time CMO? If you’re not in the position to make the financial commitment, but need someone with experience, consider hiring a fractional CMO.

Why fractional?

With a fractional chief marketing officer, you’ll only pay for the hours you need, on a flexible basis, rather than an annual salary. It’s likely this will be more hours in the upfront to build up your strategy for growth and put foundations into place, then taper off to just maintenance, analyzing, and new initiatives.

A few ways a fractional CMO can help grow your business:

  • Give your current marketing initiatives/plan a fresh analysis and perspective based on industry trends, budget, and company-wide goals.
  • Develop a reasonable plan, with short and long term goals,  for a company that doesn’t have a full time marketing team at their fingertips.
  • Provide a vision and purpose behind all marketing initiatives that ties to your business goals.
  • Manage marketing budgets in an efficient way that helps grow the bottom line.
  • High-quality reporting on analytics and marketing initiative successes, with data to prove ROI for the marketing budget.
  • Balance communication between internal employees and outsourced venders on all marketing plans in a clear and consistent manner.

If your company is struggling to accelerate growth, it’s time to consider partnering with The Sales Group to hire a fractional CMO. Contact us today at to get started.

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