Everything You Should Know about Sales Placement Services

March 9, 2022

When an agency provides a client with a placement service, it identifies sales applicants and then places them directly with the company, typically for a fee. Occasionally, a retainer is required, while other times, a charge depends on the candidate's pay - it all depends on the terms of the agency.

There is no trial period; instead, employees are hired permanently and are never bound by a recruiting firm's contract. When it comes to permanent sales placements, agencies seek out the most qualified applicants. Permanent employment has a greater chance of attracting highly skilled persons than temporary employment.

Let's dig deeper into other details to help you understand placement services.

Why Should You Partner with a Sales Placement Agency?

One of the advantages of being a placement service is competing for any sales position available. Since more companies are hiring permanently, using the services of a placement agency is the next step.

The work is steady and consistent, which means your job will be more stable and secure.

Getting into the permanent job market is a great way to achieve a high degree of security, meaning you will not have a hard time finding a better option.

You will be working closely with a sales specialist who has a great deal of experience in the industry and will help you get your resume, cover letter, and references completed before you submit it to the hiring companies.

How Does the Placement Agency Operate?

Once the placement agency has referred a candidate, the hiring manager will review the candidate's resume. If an interview is required, it is customary to be interviewed on-site by the hiring manager. If the hiring manager is interested in hiring the applicant, the employer will present a job offer.

It is an excellent idea to negotiate your salary instead of accepting the original offer should you receive an offer. The hiring manager will ask you to sign a contract and pass a background check and drug test.

Once that process is complete, the employer will begin your training and orientation.

How Are the Right Candidates Hired?

A great deal of work goes into finding suitable candidates for the client. An agency uses various methods to hire its clients.

The placement service is responsible for placing and facilitating hires for the companies they represent. The agency will also identify the best-qualified candidates and deliver the candidates to the client. Likewise, the agency will be responsible for providing a job description, distributing job postings, and providing a database of qualified candidates.

How to Choose the Right Placement Agency?

When hiring a placement agency, you want to check if it is licensed. Also, check if the company is affiliated with a professional association.

There is no hard and fast rule on the legalities of hiring a paid recruiter to find temporary employment. However, it is illegal to charge a fee for permanent jobs. Candidates and hiring managers should be aware of the differences.


It may take some trial and error to find the best placement agency for your company, but once you've discovered one that gives high-quality service and qualified candidates, stick with it.

Similarly, remember that the fees you pay to the placement service are justifiable when you consider that you can hire someone right away.

The Sales Group Global is a permanent sales placement firm that can assist you in building your organization if you are looking for a dependable sales outsourcing company. Reach out to us today!

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