5 Telltale Signs a Company Should Hire a Fractional CMO

March 9, 2022

Marketing is arguably the lifeblood of a business because customers won't buy its products without it. As such, having a good head for marketing is a major contributing factor to the success of a business. There is no qualified personnel other than a chief marketing officer (CMO).

A CMO is the head of the marketing department and is tasked with overseeing the development and implementation of a marketing strategy. He also organizes and directs marketing department employees to deliver on the marketing strategy. The role of a CMO is to ensure that products are sold to as many consumers as possible. However, not many companies realize that they need one, so their sales are often not taking off. Not to worry, though, because we're here to help.

This article lists down the signs a company should hire a CMO. Read on below to get started.

#1 - Your Marketing Budget Goes Nowhere

The first sign that your company needs a CMO is an ineffective marketing budget. Almost every company has at least a website in today's digital era. If your company doesn't, now is the time to get one. But having a website is only a tiny part of your marketing budget. A CMO will help you with other aspects of your marketing budget, such as advertising, public relations, events, and other activities that help you accomplish your marketing goals.

#2 - The Company Needs Financial Flexibility

Many businesses tend to keep their marketing budget as small as possible. This may be because otherwise, they will have to lay off some employees or make cuts in other areas. Unfortunately, having a small marketing budget will ensure that you're barely able to market your products.

In contrast, hiring a CMO will give your company more flexibility regarding your marketing budget. You may have to spend less in the short term, but you will see greater returns in the long term. With a CMO who can help you achieve your goals, you don't have to worry about thinking about the next quarter, as you will have an entire marketing department to help you.

#3 - The Company Doesn't Have an Established Marketing Strategy

It's one thing to have a marketing department, but it's another thing to have a well-structured marketing strategy. The problem with many marketing departments is that they are often focused on their individual goals rather than the bigger picture. But if you don't have a comprehensive marketing strategy, you can never reach your goals.

There is no better person to help you establish a comprehensive marketing strategy than a CMO. They will ensure that your marketing strategy is complete, focused, and interdependent.

#4 - Your Marketing Strategies Aren’t Working

Like any other strategy, marketing strategies require constant evaluation and tweaks to keep them up-to-date. If you don't test whether your marketing strategies are working, you won't know that they aren't working.

A CMO will ensure that you do regular tests to show whether your marketing strategies are working. If your strategies aren't working, you can change them right away. Or, if they're working well, you can continue them.

#5 - Your Staff Is Overwhelmed

The biggest challenge you will have with a CMO is recruiting competent staff. Once you have a CMO, your number of employees will likely increase because he will have more tasks to delegate. It's not easy finding quality staff that has what it takes to be in the marketing department.

However, you can bring in additional staff to take on the added workload with a CMO and a solid marketing department. This will allow your staff members to focus on their tasks, while the CMO and other staff members will focus on the bigger picture.


It's not hard to see that any business needs a CMO. All you have to do is assess your situation and ask yourself whether it's time for a CMO. You'll have nothing to lose because they will help you achieve your marketing goals and keep your company competitive in the market.

The Sales Group provides top-quality services for fractional marketing. We understand the needs of businesses, so our solutions will ensure that you'll meet your goals. Contact us today and allow us to revitalize your marketing strategy!

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