5 Strategies to Increase Sales Lead Conversion

September 22, 2021

Getting a lead is one thing; closing the deal is another. Unfortunately, many business owners still believe that building a website is simply the only method to attract customers. However, in today's online world, things are much more complicated.

We have discovered that having a lead generation website without a structured sales process might lose chances and money. So if you are in this similar predicament, explore the five lead conversion strategies we’ve listed below:

#1: Get Their Attention

Many firms solely focus on increasing internet traffic simply because high visitor counts give a sense of success. While attracting visitors to your website is vital to convert them to leads, if they leave your web page after a few seconds, you have already lost the opportunity to produce a lead. 

So, how are you going to enthrall them? You give something of value.

Customers want to know that you understand their issue and are willing to assist them. Have you ever gone to a website in quest of something just to leave because it didn't have what you were searching for? Your audience will tune you out if your message does not strike a chord with them.

People are constantly looking for solutions—fast. Because you want to help, you must give them an eBook, a checklist, or an infographic—anything that will help them in the shortest amount of time possible. You can request their name and email address in exchange for a free download. Additionally, they will not download your offer if it takes too long or the memory is too large.

#2: Follow-up and Be Consistent

The sooner a lead is contacted, the more likely a transaction will occur. Many businesses do not have a defined strategy for processing internet leads. In today's market, you might have to contact a potential client numerous times before you get a real response or use a step-by-step method to follow up on leads.

Another Harvard Business Review lead response study revealed that sales teams respond to B2B leads exceedingly slowly. The following are only a few of the study's incredible findings:

  • The average response time to a B2B lead was 42 hours.
  • Employers reacted within an hour in 37% of cases and within one to 24 hours in 16% of cases.
  • More than 24 hours were required by 24% of organizations.
  • 23% of organizations did not respond.

#3: Get to Know Your Competitors

The main element that influences your closing ratio is competition. In a price-sensitive, highly competitive industry where price remains an important factor in sales, a reason your business is falling behind may be due to price differences. So, it’s crucial to conduct preliminary competitor research that provides a detailed picture of your rival.

The vast majority of buyers will not purchase without first completing a fast vendor comparison. That said, you must find a way to compare your items to your competitors' and find substantial differences that benefit your potential consumer. Because of this information, the sales team overcame the opposition and consequently increased conversion rates as a result.


Getting new customers is only the beginning. Many small to medium-sized organizations use their salespeople, but getting the desired results can be difficult. Yet, with these five strategies in mind, increasing sales and lead conversion rates may be a breeze. So, make sure your team is up to speed with the new digital marketing trends! 

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